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Features About Fast Processing Stirrup Bending Machine
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The Fast Processing Stirrup Bending Machine is used between large-volume concrete foundations in high-rise buildings or between upper and lower reinforcements of large equipment foundations and high-thick concrete slabs.

The steel bracket is made of steel welded bracket to support the weight of the upper steel bar and control the elevation of the steel bar. It has high strength, good elasticity, anti-static, fireproof, high temperature resistance and environmental protection.

It can greatly improve the quality of the project. The use of this product can also make the construction of the project faster, save time, greatly accelerate the construction progress and shorten the construction period.

The High Processing Efficiency Stirrup Bending Machine produced by our company is a combination of the advantages of various domestic products. It has reasonable structure, durability, simple operation and beautiful appearance. It can produce about 6000 products in 8 hours, from feeding to molding. The fully automatic CNC reaming machine can complete the work with only one person operation. It can process about 3000-6000 per day. The equipment can freely set the length of the processing horse, the spacing, the number of legs, the height, etc. It is operated by the touch screen and is easy to operate. Fast. The equipment is straightening, bending, welding, dipping, cutting and forming a device. Provincial labor, high efficiency, energy saving and so on.

Fast Processing Stirrup Bending Machine