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Function And Features Of Double Wire Straightening Machine
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The structure of the Double Wire Straightening Machine is adjusted by the high-speed rotor rotation to adjust the angle of the straight wire mold to achieve the straightening effect, and then the wire is twisted forward by the twisting wheel. After reaching the required size, the wire touches the positioning button and advances the runway forward by 5 mm. The upper punch presses the vertical cutting wire cutter and cuts it off immediately. The wire is pressed against the open bearing by the pressing plate on the vertical wire cutter, and the wire is automatically dropped. The wire holder, if you want to change the length, move the positioning button

The High Speed Straightening Machine has the characteristics of reasonable structure, convenient operation, safety and reliability, and is suitable for the straightening of chicken cages, rabbit cages, building nets, various welding wires, cut-off wire of Shule plate and wire for shaped mesh.

1. Cut the length of the steel bar without error,

2. Double-headed pull type,

3. After the last one meter of steel is pulled out,

4. The construction wire adopts tungsten steel mold,

5. The product wire adopts the ball end mold, and the adjusted steel bar will not damage the surface.