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What Is The Purpose And Function Of The Bending Stirrup Bending Machine?
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The Bending Stirrup Bending Machine has a stable fuselage structure, and the secondary conductive part adopts the upper insulation mode, which can avoid the occurrence of the iron scraps or the lower seat when the welding workpiece is installed.

Bending Stirrup Bending Machine

Bending Stirrup Bending Machine

Short-circuit accidents in insulated parts, widely used in metal cabinet manufacturing, construction machinery repair, auto parts, bicycle parts, special-shaped standard parts, handicrafts, electronic components, instrumentation, electrical switches, cable manufacturing, filters, mufflers, Metal products, metal containers, chemical containers, wire mesh, net baskets and other metal products industry.

As a professional High Effect Stirrup Bending Machine Supplier, we would like to tell you that the secondary feedback loop equipped with the steel stirrup machine can continuously make up the welding current, and the two discharge working mode can greatly improve the welding stability. The special material can be preheated or tempered. The whole machine uses air pressure, computer automatic control, high automation program, easy operation, and different types of welding equipment of the same type. It is widely used in iron wire hardware, household appliance manufacturing, sheet metal processing and manufacturing, microelectronics and other fields.

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