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CNC Rebar Bending Machine Manufacturers Teach You The using Details
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Find here details of INTEGRATED REBAR CUTTING & BENDING MACHINE on our website.

CNC rebar bending machine manufacturers teach you the details of use:

View the appearance of the CNC steel bar bending machine before starting, the machine electrical equipment view, open the machine electrical control box, check the relay, contactor, fuse, servo motor speed, control unit socket, spindle motor speed control unit socket loose. If the looseness should return to normal, the connector with the locking mechanism must be locked. The machine with the connection box must check the socket on the connection box, and the connector with the locking mechanism must be locked regardless of the looseness of the wiring. CNC box inspection, open the CNC box door, check various interface sockets, servo motor response line socket, spindle pulse generator socket, hand pulse generator socket, CRT socket and so on. If it is loose, it should be blocked from the beginning. If there is a locked organization, it must be locked.


According to the instructions, the conditions for setting the short-circuit terminals on each printed circuit board must be in accordance with the conditions set by the manufacturer of Rebar Bending Center. If there is an error, you should set it from scratch and usually don’t need to set it from scratch. However, the user must make a raw record of the setting conditions of the short-circuit terminal. Wire quality check all terminals. Including the self-terminal terminals of the strong and weak parts in the mechanical production plant and the terminals of the motor power cable, use a screwdriver to tighten each end, until the screwdriver can not be tightened, the motor socket must be tightened. Solenoid valve check valve, all solenoid valves are applied by hand several times to avoid long-term non-energization due to poor operation. If abnormality is found, it should be recorded for repair or replacement after power-on. Check the limit switch to see if the movement of the limited position switch is strong and sensitive. If you find that this exercise is not good or bad, you should deal with it immediately. Buttons and Switches View the buttons and switches on the operator panel, check the wiring of all buttons, switches and indicators on the operator panel, find errors and deal with them immediately, check the sockets and wiring on the CRT unit. Check the grounding wire for an excellent grounding wire. When measuring the grounding wire of the machine, the grounding resistance should not be greater than 1Ω. The phase sequence of the input supply should be identified as the phase sequence of the input supply should be consistent with the phase sequence visible on the machine. Secondary wiring equipment such as power transformers must recognize the commonality of the secondary wiring phase sequence. Make sure the order is correct everywhere. At this point, we should measure the voltage of the power supply and record it.

Open the total voltage of the CNC steel bar bending machine, open the total power supply of the machine tool, check whether the direction of the CNC electric box, the spindle motor cooling fan, the machine tool box cooling fan is correct, the smooth, hydraulic and other oil marks indicate that the machine tool lighting is normal, the fuse is not damaged, such as If there is abnormal malignancy, the power should be cut off immediately for repair, and no abnormality can continue. Measure the voltage of each part of the high voltage, especially the primary and secondary voltages of the CNC and servo unit power transformer, and make a record. CNC steel manufacturers investigate oil spills, especially turret rotation, clamping, spindle shifting and chuck clamping of hydraulic cylinders and solenoid valves. If oil leakage occurs, repair or replace it as a power outage immediately.

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