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Coordination Of Various Parts Of Straightening Stirrup Bending Machine
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The working principle of the Straightening Stirrup Bending Machine is not difficult to understand. The wire is energized by the wire, and then the gravitational force is generated on the pressure plate, so that the clamping of the thin plate between the pressure plate and the base is achieved, and the purpose of satisfying various workpiece requirements is finally achieved.

Straightening Stirrup Bending Machine

The bending machine is a device consisting of multiple parts. The first mentioned is the synchronization system, which contains the synchronizing mechanism of the torsion shaft, swing arm, joint bearing and other components. It has reliable function and high synchronization. Precision. Followed by the slider department, in addition to the hydraulic drive, it is still composed of slider, cylinder and mechanical stop fine-tuning structure, hydraulically caused the piston to move the slider up and down. The latter part is the workbench, which is operated by the button box, so that the electric motor of the bending machine drives the stopper frame to move back and forth, and the movement interval is controlled by the numerical control system. However, the seemingly simple process requires the cooperation between the various components to fully exert its due function. If any department does not meet the requirements, the entire homework will be affected.

The material blocking mechanism is also an indispensable part of the bending machine. The motor drive is used to drive the two screw rods to move synchronously through the chain operation, and the numerical control system controls the size of the material.