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Detailed Description Of The Steel Bar Shear Line
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The steel shear line can cut high-strength ribbed steel bars of 1, 2, 3, and 4 grades, and integrates the concentrated shearing, conveying and storage of straight steel bars. Self-developed steel cutting software (patented), suitable for multi-project steel cutting, can improve material utilization; up to 6-level preparation station, can store a large amount of materials; two-way receiving mechanism, finished product storage increased by one Times. We can use the automatic inclined pull feeding device to improve the production efficiency in all directions, and the personnel do not directly contact the steel bar, which reduces the labor intensity.

So what are the characteristics of the automatic CNC steel shear line design? The Rebar Shear-Line Manufacturer will come to tell you.

1. Each part adopts adjustable foot plate design, which can adapt to different heights and adjust separately.

2. The feeding motor adopts variable frequency starting, which reduces the vibration when the motor starts. When the reinforcing bar is aligned, the speed is gradually reduced, and the impact force of the reinforcing bar and the baffle is reduced, so that the alignment can be more effectively.

3, using hydraulic cylinder drive shear, features: the same shear force, light weight, small size; relying on the continuous flow of oil for transmission. The oil has the ability to absorb vibration, and the hydraulic buffer device is installed in the oil circuit. Therefore, unlike the mechanical mechanism, the vibration and impact are caused by processing and assembly errors, so that the transmission is very stable and it is easy to realize frequent commutation.

4. The hydraulic cylinder is used to press the steel bar and has a guiding column. The pressing force is large and flat, which ensures the stability when shearing the steel bar.

5 Hydraulic scissors small angle design reduces the lateral force that the frame is subjected to when shearing, and improves the service life; the scissors holder is rigid and has good integrity; the guide is made of flexible material and has an adjustment structure, which can effectively prevent There is an impact on the scissors holder when there is a point of obstruction.

6. The shearing roller path is set in front of the hydraulic shearing. Two cylinders are arranged near one end of the scissors to control the roller table to lift and lower. When the steel bar is sheared, it can be synchronously moved with the hydraulic cylinder to ensure that the steel feeding end is shearing. Will not be deformed.

7. After the cutting, the roller table is driven by the screw lift motor, which is adjustable in size, fast and convenient.

8. After the shearing, the roller discharge bar is divided into three sections, which can meet the requirements of separate work, coordination work and simultaneous work according to different steel lengths, which can save gas consumption and improve response speed.

9. The raw materials of the whole machine are subjected to shot blasting, sandblasting, primer and topcoat processes through large-scale shot blasting equipment, which greatly prolongs the service life of the equipment.

What are the advantages of using fully automatic CNC steel shear lines? Low Speed Straightening Cutting Machine Manufacturer will give you a puzzle.

CNC steel shear production line: It can be widely used in construction, highway, high-speed rail, tunnel, water conservancy, power plant, nuclear power plant and other industries. It is suitable for continuous cutting of steel bars of various specifications and different lengths. Cut and sort.

Intelligent operation and modular input are not required for the quality of operators.

The servo motor has a fixed length and high precision, and the cutting length accuracy can reach ±2mm.

Hydraulic shear system, high pressure, long life and low failure rate.

The three-stage storage trough, the classification of the rebar after cutting is more convenient.

Modular combination vertical steel bending center, horizontal steel bending center, etc. The process is seamlessly connected.

The finished product has small processing error and low material loss. Reduce material costs.

The above is a detailed introduction to the steel bar shear line, I hope to help everyone. In addition, if you are interested in the steel cutting line, you can contact us, we can provide you, in addition we also produce Wire Bending Machine, straightening cutting machine, etc., welcome to come to consult.