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Dry Mesh Made By Industrial Fabric Loom
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The main material of the dry mesh by Industrial Fabric Loom is polyester monofilament, the polyester yarn is divided into round wire and flat wire, and the woven mesh is divided into a round wire dry wire and a flat wire dry net. From the customer’s use effect, the flat wire The effect is better than round wire. The flat wire can contact the paper more comprehensively, reducing the chance of mesh marks, and on the other hand, it is easier to clean the adhesion of the adhesive.

Industrial Fabric Loom

In addition to the design of the wire geometry to avoid dry mesh pollution, the adhesion to the adhesive substance needs to reduce the surface energy by adding fluorine-based substances to the polyester material, thereby causing the pollutants to not adhere to the surface easily. Therefore, the black matter of the stickies caused by the dry mesh dirt, the decrease of the air permeability, the insufficient drying ability, the unevenness of the paper machine banner, and the black spots are caused.

Since the dry network operating environment is mainly inside the closed hood, the environment is in a severely high temperature and high humidity environment. In addition, some raw papers are non-neutral in pH and therefore very corrosive to polyester materials. The end of the life of most dry nets is not due to dry net wear (dry net is different from forming net and felt, almost all rolling friction), but due to dry net hydrolysis caused by dirty or corroded dry net. In order to reduce the risk of hydrolysis, an anti-hydrolysis agent is usually added to the dry mesh to reduce this tendency.