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Five Reasons Of Popular Stirrup Bender
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Here is Convenient Stirrup Bending Machine Supplier talking about the reasons why stirrup bender is popular.

The Stirrup Bender can bend the steel bars into various geometric shapes required, with high operability, high work efficiency and neat bending. It is a kind of steel bending equipment widely used in construction engineering. The following is an analysis of the reasons for the popularity of steel bending machines:

Stirrup Bender

1. The steel bending machine belongs to the simple design, simple operation, full Chinese menu display, to learn by the meeting, and can be put on work after simple training, saving time and effort.

2. All mechanical parts are made of high-quality alloy steel with high hardness and good wear resistance, which improves the service life and saves maintenance costs.

3, double elbows at the same time bending faster, more efficient, can be equivalent to twenty or thirty workers.

4. The bending main shaft is controlled by servo, and the bending precision is extremely high. It is driven by servo motor. The high precision of the fixed length can bend multiple steel bars at one time, and the efficiency is high. The graphic database can preset hundreds of graphics.

5. The bending mechanism is controlled by industrial computer. The machining angle is accurate to 1°, the length of the fixed length is accurate to 1mm, and multiple steel bars can be processed at the same time.