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How Much Can A CNC Steel Bar Bending Machine Be Processed In One Day?
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Here is Cage Making Machine Manufacturer talking about the steel bar bending machine.

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Steel Wire Bending Machine

The appearance of CNC steel bar bending machine has brought us many conveniences in daily production and life, with less failure rate and improved processing efficiency of steel bars. So how many steel bars can it process in a day?

The CNC steel bar bending machine has high efficiency, 3-5 times of manual bending, and can bend 1800 per hour, and can produce at least 4-6 tons per day. The machine equipment is small in size, the working space is small, the work is stepped, and the product steel bar is regularly organized. Because the numerical control is used to form the steel bar, the waste generated by the forming steel bar is small, which greatly saves the cost.

Familiar with the structure of the equipment and obey the operating procedures, use the equipment reasonably, carefully maintain the equipment, and prevent accidents. Before using the steel bar bending machine, check that the mechanical properties are good and that the table and the bending machine table are level.

Proper operation of the steel bar bending machine not only can improve its operating efficiency, but also the key to extending its service life. I hope that everyone must master this forgotten operation method in the process of operation.