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How To Adjust The Bending Stirrup Bending Machine With Errors?
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The detailed method is to compress the meter head of the Bending Stirrup Bending Machine by 3-4 mm, step on the pedal to let the system boost, and check the dial indicator hour hand when the bending machine system is boosted or the system is discharged. In the case of offset, if the demarcated value is reached, the manipulation can be stopped. The first step of the inspection is whether the mold used in the bending machine is worn or damaged. If this phenomenon causes an error, a mold can be replaced.

Stirrup Bender
Stirrup Bender

At this time, adjust the working mode of the press brake to the “jog adjustment” state, then remove the mold in the machine tool, or some other accessories, so that the slider stays on the mechanical stop, and then the pressure The table is adjusted to the required pressure value.

In the process of inspecting the Stirrup Bender, if there is no development of damage, check the parallelism between the slider and the table. If the requirements for use are not met, the adjustment can be made according to the relevant scale requirements, so that the parallelism Can remain within the scope of the promise. Of course, in addition to the above methods, it is necessary to maintain the bending machine to maximize the use of the upper hand. When using the bending machine to work, it is very likely that some usage errors will arise. At this time, it is necessary to pay attention to it. Once the bending machine has a problem, it must be checked.

If there is still a certain error in the angle of the bending mechanism, it may not be due to the mold, or the problem of parallelism. It may be that in the hydraulic system of the machine tool, the balance mechanism does not ensure that the pressure oil enters the left and right cylinders on average. , then you need to adjust.