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How to Clean the Mud of Stirrup Bending Machine Quickly?
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If the Stirrup Bending Machine is used for a long time, it will be noticed that a lot of dirt has accumulated in the small corners in the gap of the bending machine after a long time without cleaning. If it is not cleaned immediately, it will affect the normal of the stirrup bending machine. jobs. But resolving the stain is a troublesome and unavoidable thing. Some people even remove the stirrup bending machine and clean it with a towel.

Stirrup Bending Machine

There are many ways to clean it up. Let Precision Machining Stirrup Bender Supplier introduce you in detail. It is the simplest and best way to clean up.

There is dirt and dust in the gap of the Stirrup Bending Machine, which allows us to drop a small amount of oil in the gap. After more than ten minutes, after waiting for full soaking, we can tie the towel to hard and thin workpieces such as thin iron wires and work hard to soil When the dirt is removed, do not wash it with water to avoid part of the transmission chain rusting.

Stirrup Bending Machine has the characteristics of safety and reliability, simple protection, high mechanical efficiency, small pull force on the bracelet, light weight and easy to carry, beautiful appearance and small size, durable, suitable for factories, mines, construction sites, docks, docks, warehouses It can be used as an installation machine and hoisting goods, especially for open-air and unpowered work, which shows its superiority. Stirrup bending machine safety accidents occur from time to time. After the safety accident, take measures to tempt a life-saving straw. Life-saving straw is a derogatory term, which describes the use of ineffective methods in a panic in dangerous time, which refers to the only hope in a difficult situation. There is no better way to deal with a security incident, and it can only be handled actively. In order to prevent this situation from happening, it is necessary to make preparations before the occurrence of a safety accident and prevent it before it happens. This is a useful way to prevent the occurrence of a safety accident.

The Stirrup Bending Machine should use special lifting anchors when lifting heavy objects. Do not use top anchors or anchor cables to lift heavy objects to ensure the roof safety at the construction site. When lifting heavy objects, do not allow anyone or reach out under the lifting objects. Wait for the heavy objects to stabilize before starting work. It is necessary to carefully check the stirrup bending machine shackles and chains before use. Unqualified use is prohibited. Determine the lifting position according to the scale and center of gravity of the lifting weight. It is forbidden to use non-self-protection bending machine, stirrup bending machine and center of gravity must be solid and reliable. During the operation, the strength of the rebar chain should be kept uniform, and the impact should be prevented as much as possible. Care should be taken when loosening the chain to prevent the locking of the stirrup bending machine from malfunctioning, which will cause the equipment to suddenly sink.