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How To Use CNC Steel Shear Line Efficiently?
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CNC steel shear production line We all know that CNC steel shear production line is a relatively common mechanical equipment. CNC Rebar Shear-line: It can be widely used in construction, highway, high-speed rail, tunnel, water conservancy, power plant, nuclear power plant, etc. It is suitable for continuous cutting of steel bars of various specifications and different lengths. Cut and sort. There are a lot of things to be aware of during the use, but many people are not very clear. In order to let everyone better use the CNC steel cutting production line, the following Rebar Shear-Line Manufacturer will introduce the operation of the CNC steel cutting production line in detail. matter.

First of all, we can first understand its main advantages are:

1. High degree of automation, greatly reducing labor intensity

2, the whole machine is equipped with a horizontal feeding device, convenient for loading

3, the main head lubrication performance is good, using a distributed oil injection system

4, using scissors-type knife edge design, cutting material deformation

5, widening the inlet / outlet rack, can process multiple steel bars at a time

6. This machine adopts three positioning baffle fixed lengths, which are simple and accurate in positioning, and can be fixed to any length.

7, a variety of storage devices, can be used in a single position or a combination of multiple positions, can provide a variety of different combinations. Increase the flexibility of steel storage.

Rebar Shear-line

So what should you pay attention to when using it?

The first thing to know is that when using the CNC steel bar shearing production line, it is necessary for many people to operate. Therefore, in the operation, everyone needs to cooperate with each other. For the machine, we have to do maintenance and storage. Responsible for side by side.

Secondly, for the protection of the cutting edge of the CNC steel shear line, it is necessary to keep the edge of the blade edge at all times, prevent the blade from becoming dull, and perform corresponding grinding operations in time. When cutting, be sure to prohibit the simultaneous cutting of two different types of materials on the machine, and it is not allowed to perform overlapping shearing operations.

The third is after using the holding line, you should immediately withdraw it. Only when the rod is removed, you can cut it. If you find that the iron plate is moving during the cutting process, you should use the wooden pillow to plug it in time. This is to prevent the occurrence of injuries. Excessive operation is prohibited for the use of shearing machines. Hardened steel, hard steel, alloy steel, castings and non-metallic materials are prohibited for shearing materials.

Finally, it is strictly forbidden to use the hand for the platen operation when the CNC steel shear line is feeding. Especially when cutting the short material, apply the remaining iron plate for the plate pressing operation and keep the hand away from the knife edge. For cut products, it must be placed in a stable position, remember not to stack the materials too high and not allowed to stack on the aisle. For those things such as scraps, it is necessary to clean them in time to keep the operation site clean and tidy.

The above information is the introduction of the Rebar Shear-Line Factory‘s precautions on the operation of the CNC steel bar shear line. After understanding this information, the CNC steel bar shear line mechanical equipment can be well controlled when operating the CNC steel bar shear line.