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The Methods To Use Smart Steel Bending Center
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Here is a Precision Machining Stirrup Bender Factory talking about how to use smart steel bending center.

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Convenient Stirrup Bending Machine
Convenient Stirrup Bending Machine

How to use CNC bending center?

1. Check whether the performance is good before using the equipment, and whether the workbench and the CNC bending center are kept level.

2. Before work, prepare each mandrel tool block and adjust the mandrel forming shaft and armrest shaft according to the regulations.

3. Check if the stoppers and turntables of the mandrel are damaged. If there is any problem, handle it in time.

4. Before processing, the bending center of the CNC steel bar should be idling for a few minutes before inserting the bent end of the steel bar into the gap provided by the turntable.

5. The other end of the steel bar needs to be pressed by hand, and the fuselage is fixed, so that the side that blocks the steel bar can be started.

6. When processing steel bars in the bending center of CNC steel bars, it is forbidden to change the diameter, number of roots, speed, etc. of the steel bars.

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