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How To Use The Mesh Welder Correctly?
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High Precision Mesh Welding Machine
High Precision Mesh Welding Machine

How to correctly use the steel mesh welding machine, preparation before the operation is essential, how to operate in the operation, precautions after the operation shared by professional High Precision Mesh Welding Machine Factory below:

First, before the operation:

1. The steel mesh welding machine must be designated for use and management;

2. The operator must be skilled in the construction, performance, operation and maintenance methods of the welding machine, and can be operated on the machine after training;

3. Check whether the fasteners of the equipment are loose, whether the chain wheel, the rack and pinion, the gearbox and the moving track are short of oil;

4. Check whether the switch of the electric control box is sensitive, safe and reliable, with or without abnormality;

5. Check whether the metal casing of the electrical equipment has a firm and reliable zero (ground) protection.

Second, in the operation:

1. Close the power switch to supply power to the welding net machine;

2. Check if the pull platform is at the starting position. If yes, proceed to the third step. If the platform is not adjusted to the starting position, the pull controller must be adjusted to the HP2 position and confirmed.

3. Pull the “weld wire control switch” and “pull network control switch” to the off position;

4, put the diameter of the wire;

5. Press the “Start” button to start the spindle motor;

6. Turn on the “speed governor” switch and turn the “speed control” button to turn the machine;

7. The machine rotation device automatically rotates and lays down the first weft, then opens the “pull control” switch, and the machine will automatically weld;

8. Remove the mesh and thread into the next piece of wire for the welded wire mesh;

9. Press the “Back” button to return the netting platform to the starting position;

10. Repeat steps 6-9. Work normally.

Third, after the operation:

1. At the end of the work, cut off the power supply and lock the power cabinet;

2. Do a good job in equipment inspection and maintenance.

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