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On The Work Flow Of High-Speed Straightening And Cutting Machine.
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High Speed Straightening Cutting Machine is a straightening equipment for metal profiles, steel bars, metal wires and so on. The high-speed straightening and cutting machine changes the straightening degree by squeezing the steel bars with straightening rollers.

Usually, there are two rows of straightening rollers with different numbers, and everyone has a simple understanding of high-speed straightening and cutting machines, so let’s talk about the operation process.

1. Before starting the machine, first check the hydraulic oil of the hydraulic station, reduction gear box and transmission gear box to see if their gear oil is full. Before starting the main motor of the high-speed straightening and cutting machine, you must adjust the hydraulic system angle and check the working pressure.

2. When lubricating oil is injected into each lubrication point, the operation of the rotating part of the machine must be checked to make it operate flexibly. During the operation, the operator must first wear labor protection equipment. If the High Speed Straightening Machine is started, you must not leave the post or cross the post.

High Speed Straightening & Cutting Machine

3. After stabilizing the oil temperature and pressure in the hydraulic station, raise the upper straightening roller, and then place it in the starting position. After receiving the material manually, send the steel bar to the third pair of straightening rollers, and then press down and clamp the upper straightening roller. At the time of starting, the straightness of the steel bar rotation is straightened at the same time.

4. After the main motor stops, the straightening work of the straightening roller also stops. Lift the straightening roller, and then send out the straightening steel bar. If the high-speed straightening and cutting machine needs to be straightened in reverse, you can use the reverse knob on the operating platform to reverse the host, and then perform the opposite straightening. When the main motor stops, the straightening work of the straightening rollers stops, the steel bar retreats to the initial position, and then waits for repeated instructions to perform the next straightening step. If the machine has stopped, please turn off the main power, and do not change the controller of the program.

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