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Preparation Before Simple Installation Stirrup Bending Machine Is Installed
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The installation of the Simple Installation Stirrup Bending Machine should comply with the use environment specified in the “Handbook” of this bending machine. Also note that:

Simple Installation Stirrup Bending Machine

(1) The bending machine should be placed on a level surface of a solid foundation with sufficient space for processing and maintenance. The bending machine is bolted to the foundation to fully exert its performance and can be used after horizontal adjustment.

(2) The bending machine should be installed in the workshop area with lightning protection device.

(3) The bending machine should be installed in a workshop with sufficient lighting facilities, no pollutants, no debris, good ventilation and smooth passage.

(4) Install the floor of the bending machine to avoid soft and not solid places. If the bending machine can only be installed on a soft but not solid floor, piling or similar measures must be taken to enhance the support of the soil layer to prevent the bending machine from sinking or tilting.

(5) If the bending machine must be installed near the vibration source if it is unavoidable, it must be grooved around the bending machine or similar measures to prevent vibration.

2) Power interface

The power supply terminal is located on the electric disk in the electric box of the hoop.

3) Total power supply

The power supply voltage and frequency used by the bending machine are determined by the order contract.

Voltage and frequency allowable fluctuation range:

(1) The fluctuation range of the power supply voltage shall not exceed 10% of its rated voltage.

(2) The detailed description of the electrical part can be found in the instruction manual.