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The New Stirrup Bender Should Be Connected To Do The Following Work
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The power supply for each Stirrup Bender should be passed through a separate external distribution box with fuses. The wires from the distribution box lead to the electrical cabinet of the steel bar bending machine and the terminal blocks in the cabinet. For connection, the grounding wire must be used. For details of the electrical part, please refer to the instruction manual.

Stirrup Bender

Stirrup Bender

The recommended fuse is 30A (220 to 600 V). The power supply recommended by the user is equipped with an overvoltage protection device. The power lead is 5 cores x 6 mm. After completing the leveling work, the following work should be done before the simple installation Stirrup Bending Machine is turned on:

1Recheck that each connector is tight.

2 Check and make sure the input power is in the correct phase. If the power supply is in anti-phase, the direction of motor rotation will not coincide with the specified direction of rotation.

The correct direction of rotation of the main motor can be determined by placing the left/right threaded handle on the headstock in the right-hand position and lifting the starter bar, which should rotate in the normal forward direction. If the spindle is turning incorrectly, turn off the main power supply and exchange any two phase lines of the three-phase line that leads to the electrical cabinet terminal.