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What Are The Shifting Modes Of The Main Drive Of Stirrup Bending Machine?
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The main transmission mode of Stirrup Bending Machine can be divided into two types: Step-less speed change and step speed change.

Stirrup Bending Machine

(1) Continuously variable speed

Continuously variable speed means that the speed can be continuously and arbitrarily changed within a certain speed (or speed). The advantages are: no speed loss, improved productivity; variable speed during operation, reduced auxiliary time, convenient operation; smooth transmission, etc., so the application on the bending machine has increased. There are mainly the following types of continuously variable transmissions used in the main drive of the bending machine.

(2) stepped shifting

Stepped shifting refers to discontinuous shifting over a number of fixed speed (or speed) steps. This is currently the most widely used shifting method on ordinary bending machines at home and abroad. It is usually a gearbox composed of a gear such as a gear to achieve shifting, high transmission power, large shift range, accurate transmission ratio, and reliable operation. However, the speed cannot be continuously changed, there is a speed loss, and the transmission is not stable enough. There are several types of step-variable transmissions used in the main drive.

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