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What Causes The Failure Of The Automatic Stirrup Bending Machine?
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Automatic Stirrup Bending Machine‘s fault repair and automatic stirrup bending machine design a unique horizontal straightening mechanism, which straightens each steel bar individually, which not only improves the straightening effect in the horizontal direction, but also ensures that the two steels are parallel, thereby ensuring bending The straightening mechanism can straighten the steel bar to ensure the quality of steel bar straightening; the drum is made of high-quality alloy steel, which has high hardness, good wear resistance and long service life; there are steel bars near the corner to strengthen the forming control to ensure bending quality. Specially designed structure is easy to handle ribbed steel bar straightening, straightening ribbed steel bar is not hurt.

The automatic stirrup bending machine has become one of the necessary equipment in the steel bar processing machine. It is very popular and has been widely used in the industry. The key use is cold rolling, hot rolling, construction, bridges, tunnels, and prefabricated components And other engineering stirrup processing. The automatic stirrup bending machine is more obedient, which greatly reduces the intensity of labor and frees more manpower. However, due to the influence of various factors during the manipulation, there will always be various questions. The following Rebar Shear-Line Manufacturer has organized a few common faults that automatic stirrup bending machines present:

(1) Turning the cutter head, this is a relatively simple fault, just adjust the moving knife to feel the switch.

(2) The steel bars after being out of the tube do not straighten, and often raise the question of ups and downs. At this time, the first set of wheels that adjust the upper and upper sides should be discriminated and pushed up in reverse.

(3) In the case of bending double tendons, when one of the reinforcing bars tends to fall off the bending axis, the corresponding response step is to reduce the bending rate. In the use of reinforced bending hoop secretly to pay attention to the insistence of pressure, usually 4MP is appropriate, too high can cause deformation of the reinforcement or configuration damage.

When working, handle the handle: adjust the blade sensor switch until the head returns to the normal position. The bending straightening method generally uses the wave head straightening method, but the wave should not be too large or increase the traction resistance, resulting in traction force that will not cause the sliding wheel of the traction wheel to break. After the steel rod head, if the head is turned upside down, adjust the appropriate set of pressure on the top of the last group. If the tube is reinforced downward, adjust the appropriate set of top on the next set of the next round. In the case of rebar, the bending phenomenon occurs after the rebar is out of the steel, which causes the mandrel to bend. Finally, the appropriate inward pressure of the outer wheel is combined to strengthen each other. The bending speed of larger stables should be reduced accordingly. Adjusting the bending mandrel: Adjust the landing gear so that the lower edge of the bobbin hole bending mandrel top or horizontal.

First, bend or not pull in place

Reasons: 1. Poor contactor contact 2. Poor contact of trip switch, optical control head is too far or damaged 3. Open circuit is loose

Solution: 1. Wash the contact with gauze 2. It is a trip switch or bald 3. It is a wire or strong

Don’t move automatically

Reasons: 1. Poor contact of the contactor 2. Broken or broken wire 3. The trip switch contacts are burned or the optical head is burned.

Solution: 1. Clean the contacts with emery cloth 2. Replace the wire or reinstall 3. Turn on the light or light control receiver for the stroke

Third, Steel Bending Machine is out of control

Reasons: 1. The foot switch is disconnected or the contact glue 2. The contactor contact rod 3. The trip switch is damaged or the working head cannot be played 4. The gap between the travel switch head and the angle adjuster is large or the travel switch is damaged or there is no signal to resolve the clip Method: 1. Replace the wire or switch 2. Replace the contactor 3. Replace or lubricate 4. Adjust the position of the stop angle adjustment clamp.