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Why Is The Efficiency Of Steel Bar Cutting Reduced?
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A large number of steel bars are used in the construction process, and the application of these steel bars to the construction project requires a lot of steel bars of different lengths. At this time, a steel bar straightening and cutting machine is used. Straighten and cut off as required. Application services have played a very important role in the steel bar prestressing process in various domestic large-scale projects, house construction, bridges, tunnels, power stations, large-scale water conservancy and other projects. In the process of using the steel bar cutting machine, there will be a phenomenon of low cutting efficiency. In response to this problem, the Convenient Stirrup Bending Machine Manufacturer will analyze the reason for the reduction of the steel bar cutting efficiency for everyone?

Because the Fast Processing Stirrup Bending Machine Manufacturer found that during the normal construction and production process, some application companies still inevitably have some mechanical idling, technical interruption and reasonable parking. This naturally lowers the operating efficiency of the equipment and is necessary. The spare desk shift often causes idle desk shifts. If the construction process encounters some unfavorable weather conditions, the relevant operating personnel will also affect the operation efficiency of the equipment when troubleshooting.

Automatic Stirrup Bending Machine
Automatic Stirrup Bending Machine

There are also some situations that can lead to poor operating efficiency of the steel bar cutting machine, such as the traction tools required for the mechanical transfer of the site and the self-propelled mechanical transfer, the time lost by the supporting machinery and the parking lot to work The time required for the location to exceed the fixed distance is limited at the beginning of the construction period to the poor efficiency caused by the conditions and the time lost at the end of the lack of engineering volume. The operation was interrupted due to power supply, water supply failure and mobile maintenance of the hydropower line.

In addition, there are certain gaps in the structure and performance of the steel bar cutting machines produced by different manufacturers. This will cause some equipment to perform better or worse when processing steel bars, and the corresponding equipment operation efficiency is naturally Some will be higher, some lower.

For these reasons, the hoop bending machine manufacturers believe that the relevant application units must pay enough attention to the right medicine, and improve the operation efficiency of the steel bar cutting machine.

1. No debris or materials can be placed on the cutting machine to prevent the vibration generated during the operation of the machine from causing objects to fall into the machine. After feeding the rebar into the pressing roller, you should immediately release your hand and keep a certain distance from the machine. Do not wear gloves during operation to avoid accidents.

2. Straightening is to straighten the steel bars through the upper and lower rows of pressure rollers. If the effect of steel bar straightening is not achieved, you can adjust the offset of the pressure rollers by adjusting the upper adjustment roller until the straightening Reinforcement can achieve satisfactory results.

3. After processing a certain number of rebars, the length should be measured for correctness, and if there is a deviation, adjust it properly. The current steel bar straightening and cutting machine adopts digital control, and the cutting length can be said to be zero error.

4. Maintenance is also the focus of use. Good maintenance can keep the machine with good accuracy and running status for a long time, so we should regularly perform maintenance on the machine.

The Low Speed Straightening Cutting Machine Manufacturer believes that it should be operated according to the correct method during use so that the safety of the operation can be ensured, and the efficiency of straightening and cutting of the steel bar is also improved.