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Steel Wire Bending Machine (KZ12ADX)

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KZ12ADX is special model to manufacture stirrup bender from straight bar.The machine is capable of providing our clients the most accurate cutting , straightening, bending and high effect, which is widespread used in high speed railway, bridge, real estate, reinforcing steel processing factories , etc.

Raw materialStraight bar
Single wire Diameter (mm)φ5-12
Double wire Diameter (mm)φ5-10
Max Bending Angle (°)±180
Max Putting Speed (m/min)110
Max Bending Speed (°/s)1000
Bending DirectionBi-direction
Length Tolerance (mm)±2
Bending Tolerance (°)±1
Single wire Max Production Capacity (hour)700(standard size)
Double wire Max Production Capacity (hour)1400(standard size)
Overall dimension L*W*H (mm)14,000*3000*2000
Labeled electric power (kw)24
Machine Weight (kg)3200
Cylinder Pressure (Mpa)≥0.6

Stirrup Bending Machine Product Advantages

1. KZ12ADX( Feed by straight bar);

2. Fixed cutter can be used on both sides to improve service life and reduce cost;

3. Configure automatic feeding mechanism, saving time and effort;

4. Single Wire Diameter 5-12 mm, double wires 5-10 mm; precision and fast machining;

5. Stirrup Bending Machine has high precision of PLC control, LCD display is easy for operating, have mighty graphics library, it is able to communicate with management software;

6.Large processing range, can be bent forward and backward;

7.SKZ of wire bending machine has been sold more than 2000 pieces around the world.

Steel Bending Machine Principle

Feed by straight bar, and then conveyed to the bending mechanism of the steel bar bending machine, and the flexible bending of the wishing elbow is controlled by the PLC program to quickly realize the bending forming process of the various shapes of the stirrups. Then, the finished product of the stirrup is cut by the steel cutting mechanism. The entire process is fully automated and requires no human intervention.